CONTEMPORARY DANCE The Physical and Mental Strength in a Kinetic Act 


PARTNERING - Based on modern dance and martial arts. The body as an architectural building against a like it.

MOVEMENTS - How the simple everyday movements are what shape our lives and build the body.

To create a kinetic act, Karounis encourages his participants to explore their bodies and emotions through movement. He believes that by connecting with their bodies, performers can awaken their senses and set themselves in motion. By working with three fundamental elements - strength, technique, and personality - performers can push their physical and mental limits and feel confident in their ability to express themselves through movement.
In his workshops, Karounis helps participants shape their kosmic center, or the central point of their body, and use it as a starting point for movement. By focusing on this center, performers can create more intentional movements that are rooted in their core and flow outwards. This approach allows performers to explore their full range of motion and express themselves authentically.
Through his workshops, Karounis aims to help performers tap into their inner emotions and find new ways to express themselves through movement. By pushing their physical and mental limits, performers can feel confident and secure in their ability to participate in a kinetic act, and ultimately create a powerful and emotional performance that connects with their audience.