Performance - Concept - Choreography: Ioannis Karounis - Hernes Malkotsis (2013 - 2023)

This performance is a depiction of humanity's ceaseless pursuit for authenticity and freedom, through a complex dance of power dynamics with the "other." What lies beneath the surface of this sadomasochistic relationship? What role does violence, mimicry, and dependence play in the struggle for dominance?

Yet, another question arises: could this seemingly antagonistic relationship hold within it the seeds of identification? If such elements exist, perhaps they could allow us to transcend the conditions that foster power imbalances, and attain reconciliation.

To coexist without hate, we must communicate with one another, mindful that existence is fleeting and ever-changing. This dance of dominance and submission may seem perpetual, but it is within our power to shift the rhythm, to move towards a more harmonious melody, and ultimately, to reclaim our authentic selves.

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