Ioannis Karounis, through his work Nature, illustrates the tendency of modern humans to consume. This frenzy of society to consume leads to the final change of human nature both physically and mentally. The consumer drifts into an inexhaustible lifestyle at the expense of the hosting planet.

The general notion, which dominated in many societies in the past, was interpreting nature as a standard factor that defined human life. Man conformed with nature's insuperable power instead of seeking to adjust this power to his needs. The man of the 20th century became aggressive with nature, wanted to extract nature's secrets and abuse its sources. Man pays now the price of his arrogance and willingness to become the master, not only in our planet, but the master of the entire Universe. "My responsibility, as a human being, embraces not only the people of our time, but also those of tomorrow, those who haven't even yet been born. My responsibility mediates between my freedom as a human being and the innate value of my reality".