Performance - Concept - Choreographer: IOANNIS KAROUNIS (2013 - 2023)

The performance piece entitled "Nature" presents contemporary humans and the way they operate in their daily life, disrespecting nature's equilibrium and, thus, paying the price for their indifference toward the continuing and inexorable destruction of the natural environment. Through this work, I aim to expose humankind's voraciously consumerist behaviour, whose consequence is a set of mutated human values and priorities. The material I use, as both physical extension and distortion of my body, is the common yet notorious plastic bag: an industrial product, a symbol of blind consumerism, and a piece of waste that has been polluting the environment for decades. Although it has recently become demonized, and its gradual withdrawal has been of great concern to businesses and relevant state bodies, it remains omnipresent.

The piece was selected among the 120 out of 10,000 works by Art Laguna Prize 2020-2021 in Italy

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