Performance - concept: IOANNIS KAROUNIS (2017 - 2023)

IIoannis Karounis is a part of the countless commuters that travel through the bustling city of Athens each day. Boarding bus 15, he prepares himself for the long journey ahead. For eight hours, he remains on board, passing through the heart of Athens, surrounded by strangers who remain unknown and anonymous. It's a vicious circle that he, and many others, find themselves in day after day.
Despite the constant motion of the bus and the people around him, there is little opportunity for interaction or connection. The only hope for breaking through the monotony and anonymity is a potential accident or error that might cause the bus to halt, creating a chance for conversation to begin.
Ioannis, like so many others, yearns for a sense of community and connection in the midst of the constant movement and chaos of city life. But in a world where everyone is in a rush, with their faces lost in their own thoughts, it can be difficult to find those moments of connection.

As the bus continues its journey through Athens, Ioannis remains lost in thought, wondering when, or if, he'll have the opportunity to connect with the people around him. But for now, he remains a stranger, just another face in the crowd, a part of the endless cycle of commuters that pass through the city each day.

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