Performance - Concept: IOANNIS KAROUNIS (2017 - 2023)

I have observed the significant migration of populations in recent years, and I have come to realize that my city is merely a transit point or station for millions of passing immigrants. I commence my ritual in the heart of my city, at Omonoia Square, feeling empathy for the onlookers and apprehension for the transients. I search for a destination to break free and start anew.

For years, I have pondered aimlessly, in a journey without a beginning, middle, or end - an eternal cycle without hope or destination. A vicious cycle of grey zones, stressful roots, and mechanical bodies moving with the endless rhythm of the city. Their only hope and salvation is recognizing that they haven't been lost, they are merely stationary. Their awakening call is the train's arrival, their escape route is the tunnel or light, and the broad avenues that lead to the four points of the horizon.

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