The Way Back

Performance - Concept: Ioannis Karounis (2017 - 2022)

The performer deliberates himself from personal worries, he does it in such a way that his perception e.g. of a sunset, is the same whether he observes it sitting in the cell of a prison or in a meadow. This blessing of perception irrespective of volition is the one that dresses the past and the distant with a magical glare, and showers them with complementing light.

"I observe the massive moving of populations of the last years and I realize that my city is a passer-by point or a station for millions of passing by immigrants. I begin the ceremony at the center of my city, in Omonoia Square. I sympathize with the spectators and I am anxious for the passers-by. I'm looking for a destination to break free, to be reborn.

I've been wondering for years, without beginning, middle station and end; in an eternally cyclic journey without destination and hope."
Vicious cycle - grey zones - stressful roots and meetings of bodies that mechanically move with the endless rhythm of the city. Their only hope and salvation are realizing that they haven't been lost, they 've only remained at the same point. Their awakening call is the arrival of the train. Their escape route is the tunnel or the light, and the wide avenues which lead to the four points of the horizon.

Ioannis Karounis follow the curves of the square and create underground and on the ground routes.

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