CONSTRUCT | Site-specific performance | Theatre performance | Museum

Performance - Concept: Ioannis Karounis (2018 - 2022)

The performance "Construct" presents the perpetual human effort to create and to preserve, in contrast with nature that can erode and recycle very easily. It reveals the forced adaptation of man to the nature's laws after many centuries of battles and failures. It seems that all the answers have been given. We just need to pose the questions.

How did our species succeed in domination fight? How did our ancestors find the way to build cities and kingdoms? How did we come to believe in gods, nations, and human rights? To trust money, laws and books? To obey in bureaucracy, in strict timetables and in consumption models? And how will our world be in the next millennium? Why could people gather in incredibly large populations?

The man, as a creator, both in the material and in the spiritual culture, remains at the center of interest since the 5th century BC. A historical phenomenon that is also reflected in the poetry of the era, such as, for example, in the Sophocles' drama Antigone: "Many things are wonderful, but nothing more admirable than man".

Man as a constructor is always in the center of the ancient Greek anthropological thought, which gives a balanced meaning to the two-dimensional human nature: the ability of man to produce both spiritual and material goods.

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